About Us

London Iranian Film Festival is an annual, independent film festival held in London, United Kingdom. The festival acts as an exhibition to provide further access to Iranian films that would otherwise not reach the silver screens in London. Launching in 2010 by Pejman Danaie, the festival has been Continuously performing since then screening a large variety of Iranian films. 

The London Iranian Film Festival is organised by a non-political, film-focused organisation UKIFF, which aims to provide a platform for Iranian cinema in the UK. This is the only film festival in the UK that is dedicated to Iranian independent cinema which showcases films that consistently explore Iranian culture and identity. Submissions are looked over by a panel of filmmakers and film industry professionals, and the films selected for screening are then placed into three categories: Short film, Documentary and Feature film. Prizes are awarded to the best film from each category on the closing night of the festival. 
Previous selection committees have included Iranian filmmaker and scriptwriter Kambuzia Partovi, screen director Patrick Tucker, cinematographer Zoran Veljkovic, and Iranian filmmaker Mojtaba Mirtahmasb. The film festival has also had assistance from members of Europe's only dedicated Iranian cinematic organisation Iran film foundation, as well as members of Britain's Iranian community.