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The London Iranian Film Festival is an annual, independent film festival held in London. It is organised by a non-political film-focused organisation called UKIFF which aims to provide a platform for Iranian Cinema in the UK. The festival acts as an exhibition to provide further access to Iranian films that would otherwise not reach the silver screens in London. Launched in 2010 by Pejman Danaie, this is the only festival in the UK that is dedicated to Iranian Independent Cinema and showcases films that consistently explore Iranian culture and identity.


This year, UKIFF would like to welcome you to the 10th instalment of the London Iranian Film Festival! The event will take place between the 25th - 30th of October celebrating the best Iranian Cinema has to offer. To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are complementing our selection with a Middle Eastern Guest Programme, showcasing films from Turkey, Egypt and more. For more information click on our Events page for a complete list of what we have on offer this year. Come along and join us in discovering and experiencing all the Middle East has to offer! 

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