23rd Apr 2017

Friends since childhood, Shahrokh (Milad Keymaram) and Siavash (Alireza Kamalinejad) have become embroiled in petty crim...

4Movies 1Ticket - April 23

23rd Apr 2017


Being Born

23rd Apr 2017

Pari and Farhad are a middle-class family who are both involved in theater and cinema. They love each other and are happ...


23rd Apr 2017

Tehran's air pollution has reached maximum levels because of thermal inversion. Unmarried 30-something Niloofar lives wi...

Drought & Lie

23rd Apr 2017

Omid happily celebrates his birthday with his wife Ala, her brother Arash and his fiancée at a villa near the Caspian S...

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