Modest Reception

It is clear from this film's explosive opening sequence that there is more to Leila and Kaveh than meets the eye. Armed with sacks of banknotes, the pair are on a mission to donate millions to the needy of rural Iran - whether the targets of their philanthropy want the money or not. The couple's ambiguous relationship shrouds them in mystery, and as we follow them on their quest, it becomes clear that Kaveh's increasingly sadistic nature threatens to overwhelm their good deeds. There are subtle nods to Tarantino’s dark humour in this gripping drama, which questions the very nature of charity itself. 


Mani Haghighi


Ghorban Najafi, Nader Fallah, Naghi Seif Jamali, Saber Abar, Vahid Aghapoor, Mani Haghighi, Taraneh Alidoosti