Sealed Secret

Thursday 6th of November 2014 8:40 PM
Ciné Lumière - 17 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DT

<span style="font-family: " sf="" regular",="" "segoe="" system="" ui="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;="" letter-spacing:="" -0.2px;="" white-space:="" pre-wrap;"="">Leila Hatemi stars as Saba, a young woman who has an anonymous web blog in which she discloses the various day-to-day battles she faces. Contrasting her shy and insecure nature in person, Saba bears all on her blog, giving us an idea of her true nature that she hides from the world. Fortunately, with the help of her friends, family and a new love interest, she just might come out of her shell. A stunning representation of the fighting spirit of a lonely girl who gradually overcomes her problems through the support of the people around her and her belief in God.



Khatereh Asadi


Arash Majidi, Khatereh Asadi, Leila Hatami


90 mins