What's the Time in Your World

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015 8:40 PM
Ciné Lumière - 17 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DT

The film begins with Goli (Hatami) landing at Tehran airport for her first visit to her hometown Rasht in two decades. She's been living in France and has established quite a life judging from a phone call with (presumed) partner Antoine about her sudden plans. A plucky, semi-acoustic guitar soundtrack signals the beginning of a road trip, and in ways What's the Time in Your World? is just that; it's just a road trip through memories. At the bus terminal at Rasht she's greeted by the local frame-maker Farhad (Hatami's husband Mosaffa, also producer here), who puts her in a taxi. He clearly knows her (they seem to have a private window tap greeting), but Goli is baffled, convinced she's never met Farhad in her life. He leaves her to go about her business but quickly starts showing up wherever she is the market, her favorite diner, random streets and it begins Goli's deeper investigation into her memory and identity.


Safi Yazdanian


Ali Mosaffa, Leila Hatami


101 mins